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American Artisan Crafted

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Creative Home Decor


We believe home decor should offer a distinct balance of pattern work and minimalism to leave enough space for one to curate an area of their own. There is nothing that makes a house feel like a home more than filling it with the handcrafted decor that speaks to us and the simple things that tell the story of thoughtful craftsmanship. Choose from existing pieces or blend your ideas into a new piece that is uniquely yours.

Home Decor

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Completely Unique Jewelry


The handcrafted jewelry available reflect a subtle approach to details; designed for the thoughtful consumer with a discerning eye and an effortless sense of style. Handcrafted Kogei Gallery is proud to showcase timeless pieces from the finest American designers, such as: Philippa Roberts. These pieces are more than just jewelry. They are delicate, intricate pieces of custom art that are high-quality, yet affordable created by the hands of modern American artisans.

Handmade Jewelry

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Timeless Accessories


Discover our curated collection of unique, meticulously designed fashion and accessories infused with American cultural integrity and soul. Our selection of handmade accessories are created to complement with the goal of offering pieces that subtly and seamlessly elevates, reflecting a timeless appeal. These carefully selected artists are pioneering what it means to make American inspired, tastefully designed goods for the home handmade by artisans around America.


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